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My Approach to Therapy

My core training is person-centred therapy, an approach pioneered by Carl Rogers in the 1940s as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy. Person-centred therapy moves away from the idea of the therapist as an expert who can fix you, trusting instead that you have the innate capacity to fulfil your own potential, given the right conditions. A strong and caring therapeutic relationship, based in genuine acceptance and empathic understanding, forms the foundation of person-centred therapy.

I am passionate about the approach that I use, and I love the challenge of my work with clients. I choose to work in a person-centred way because it is a deeply respectful and effective approach to therapy.

I have also studied and explored spirituality throughout my life, and I practice meditation regularly. I completed a 10-day silent meditation retreat in Northern California to learn Vipassana (or insight) meditation. My practice of ‘sitting’ has assisted my own exploration of emotions and bodily experiences through self-reflection, which I believe adds a quality of mindfulness to the therapy that I offer. More recently, I completed a 30-hour mindfulness training course for therapists focused on working mindfully with feelings and emotions as they arise for the client during therapy.

I love my work and consider it a privilege to help people on their journey. My respect and appreciation for counselling comes from my own experience as a client, trying to learn from the challenges life has thrown my way.

I look forward to sharing the power of this healing process with you.

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